Maze Unlimited

Fun Maze Unlimited game offers hours of fun.

In this maze runner all levels are dynamically generated.


You will be timed, but finishing the maze on time will only gain you stars, you can spend as much time as you’d like on each level to progress.

Each new level offers a bigger maze.


If you ever feel stuck, use a path – arrow button, and you will get arrows on the floor showing you the way.

The path is awarded for each new level, but spend them wisely as the game gets harder with each level.

The maze runner is fun for all ages, but you will have to be challenged to finish bigger mazes.

No Ads.
In-App-Purchases let you buy more paths – 3 at a time. You do not need these to finish the game. If you feel stuck, you can exit level and try it again in a newly generated maze.

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